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June 5th

How to Support Your Online Business During a Pandemic

by Olivia Loibner

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit small businesses and freelancers the hardest. However, those with a strong online presence have been able to adapt to rapidly changing business norms. Investing in a relevant business platform may be the key to maximizing earning potential in such difficult times. Although many of us desperately miss person to person interaction with clients, online storefronts are a crucial component of business in 2021 and beyond. Online storefronts offer more benefits than just safety during the pandemic. Business platforms, such as LinksUp, help grow your brand online while providing tools to maximize time and revenue. Everything from selling and marketing online to bookings management and interaction with clients can take place online and simplify your workday. Here are 4 ways LinksUp can support your business during the pandemic.

1. An online storefront:It’s important to have a professional presence and keep track of your business. Start with an online storefront advertising your services to clients. LinksUp has a store building feature that allows you to set up a Page and integrate your entire online content in a matter of seconds. There’s a helpful start page that covers all the basics you need to start with a strong online presence.

2. Services & products The pandemic has ensured more and more services now have to be booked online. Without the opportunity to pitch in person, having a professional online product offering is crucial to ensure every inquiry becomes a client. With LinksUp you can create your product in a matter of seconds, whether it’s video calls, webinars, group sessions, outdoor events, ebooks, pdfs, online courses or graphic design logos, just add it to your page and start selling.

3. Automation & payrment When you start getting booked, you’ll need a reliable and easy-to-use booking and payment system to keep track of everything and get paid instantly. LinksUp’s bookings feature automatically synchronizes all your bookings with your calendar and other pre-set conditions and allows you to completely focus on what you love.

4. Automation & payrment If your business is going to be online, you’re going to be dealing with lots of information. Luckily LinksUp has an analytics feature that allows you to keep track of everything from page visits to highest sales sources. With LinksUp, you can track progress from your dashboard and it will save you time and boost efficiency. This feature can be a big help when you are selling online.

While the pandemic has upended many businesses, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Embracing a new online centered business model is the new normal, it seems. Luckily, LinksUp has more than enough tools to help you transition and set up your business as easily as possible.